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Every so often I head over to Fatshionista and check out the back posts.  I love that blog–I think the fat acceptance movement’s work is incredibly important for women of all sizes and shapes (because let’s face it, our culture makes nearly every woman feel that her body is not acceptable in some way or another and that’s well, not acceptable).  Also, Lesley Kinzel says really smart things about pop culture.

Observe: her analysis of “Alejandro.”  I originally thought Gaga’s video was kind of boring, at least compared to some of her other work, but Kinzel’s reading of it through a feminist lens, and her comparison with Madonna’s videos/persona, was really thought-provoking.

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Random oddity: Madonna in Israel

All respect to Madonna for her groundbreaking stuff in the 1980s, but I’m kind of sick of hearing about her now.  And I’m also wondering why she is meeting with top Israeli politicians…she’s on tour there and everything, and has visited some Jewish sites (presumably as part of her dubious “kabbalah study” interest) but I don’t see what she and Tzipi Livni could really have to talk about that’s of import.

Madonna = Satan?

Polish Catholics–led by the usually-cool Lech Walesa–are protesting Madonna’s upcoming concert, slated for August 15: the Feast of the Assumption as well as the Polish Armed Forces Day.  They say her music is blasphemous/overly sexual/”a satanic provocation” (ouch!).

I understand their point, kind of.  Madonna’s music isn’t exactly in line with Church teaching, and Poland is a country that likes its Church.  If I were a Polish Catholic (and admittedly I’m 0 for 2 on that front) I would probably not care so much, and just not go to the concert if I disagreed with her message–and I don’t disagree with it, so that’s that.  Although I still probably wouldn’t go, because I’ve never liked her music, and her arms are too bionic for my taste these days.

I think it’s fine for Poles to register protest if they have one.  But frankly the only reason Madonna is playing a concert there (and basically the only reason she plays anywhere) is to make a profit.  If people are so against it, the best way to keep the concert from happening is to boycott buying tickets.  Overblown statements, such as this gem from Father Stanislaw Malkowski, just make the cause look silly:

This is an attack by the devil on our immaculate Catholic nation.

Her music not in line with your beliefs, Father Stosh?  Probably.  Devilish?  Meh.  Not likely.

Update on our favorite hot mess

I’m going to beef with Jezebel on this one:

[Lady Gaga's] right, though: her sexuality doesn’t distract from her music.  Her Rainbow Brite wig?  Maybe slightly.

Lady Gaga’s sexuality IS her music.  Her role model is Madonna, for heaven’s sake.  She has made a career largely on the basis of not wearing pants, wearing fetishy stuff, and bluffin’ with her muffin (the first definition on that list, btw).  The only reason it is not possible for her sexuality to distract from her music is that the two are mysteriously one and the same in much the same way that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are one and the same.

Now I’m wondering what would be the third part of the Trinity of Lady Gaga…

“Poker Face” ad nauseam

An email that my good friend David sent yesterday:


Yeah, what.  Why on earth would this be considered a suitable orchestral piece?  It’s DANCE MUSIC for heaven’s sake–I don’t really see orchestra subscribers getting nasty in the aisles of the Kimmel to this soundtrack (or any other soundtrack, really).

When I first heard “Poker Face,” it really grated on me as I usually don’t like music that is quite so electronically processed (and it was being played EVERYWHERE too).  Also, I thought the latex leggings and Dalmatians were creepy.  At the time I was more aware of the fact that Lady Gaga wears pants as infrequently as possible, and figured that if that was her main claim to fame, she couldn’t put out very good music.

Then I read the Rolling Stone profile (to which unfortunately I can’t find a good link) of her in May, which portrayed her as an interesting person trying to be the next Madonna by revolutionizing how sex is discussed/used/portrayed in pop music.  I don’t know if I buy that she’s on that path yet–the rhetoric around her sexuality and that of her music seems to be “OMG wear pants”/”Wait, she’s bi?” as opposed to anything really fresh–but it’s nice to see someone with a grander project in mind.

But I did run across this acoustic version of “Poker Face,” which shows that Lady Gaga actually has quite a good voice and a command of phrasing that’s better than many people’s.

Interesting what different versions of the same song can reveal.

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