Kanye + New Yorker cartoons

Also, I’m loving this.  THIS IS GONNA BE A DOPE ASS DAY is my new motto.

(pic taken from above-linked site)

Stereotyping people by their favorite indie bands

Based on this list, I:

  • have considered becoming a squirrel
  • am “everyone”
  • am a feminist
  • am self-actualized, a bro, and grow pot
  • believe in Jesus and/or Juno
  • don’t understand politics or boys
  • drink shitty beer without ironic intentions
  • and like too many toppings on my pizza

How many amusingly-specific and generally-unflattering ways can you describe yourself off this list?  And what does the alarming ease with which it can be mocked say about the pretentiousness that is endemic to indie-rock culture?  More thoughts on how this dovetails with our collective quest for the nebulous concept of authenticity in a while, if I have time and/or remember to write it up.

Best search terms used to find this blog

I checked out my blog stats just now and was really amused by how some people get here via Google.  A few recent highlights include:

  • “is it true lady gaga got 2 body parts”: Why, yes, I’m sure she has several.  A cursory glance at paparazzi photos show two arms (complete with hands), two legs (ditto feet), a torso (with however many subdivisions you’d like to make with that), a head with everything in its normal place, and generally a bunch of weave.
  • “joan holloway extraordinarily competent”: After saving the British exec’s life post-run in with the lawnmower, I would say yes (assuming this is a question).
  • “what is a pig’s life cycle”: Listen to this and you’ll find out.
  • “the masculinity of the taqwacores”: Sounds like a good title for an early-20th century British novel.
  • “creepy whitye supremacists” and “talk radio xenophobia”: Seem to go together pretty well.
  • “coulter dominatrix”: I assume this refers to Ann.  How terrifying.
  • “jay z needs to be a role model”: You should probably tell him this, not me.

This could be a good recurring feature.

Yikes: Amy Winehouse raps about being Jewish

You guys, I love Amy Winehouse, I love Judaism, and I love rap…but this makes me cry a little inside.

Tablet‘s description:

More saliently, it includes the following flow from Ms. Winehouse: “Oh, snap, I never knew, I never knew that, well, I’m a Jew/Well a Jew makin’/Anyway, if you can smoke bacon/Then I reckon that, um…”—at which point she changes the subject to the drumming prowess of her friend Zalon. If we’re following the logic correctly, what should fill in the lacuna at the end of that line is that, if you can smoke bacon, you can smoke crack. And if you’re a Jew who smokes bacon—really, what can’t you smoke?

On the upside, the guy playing drums and singing (Zalon?) is actually pretty good.

Soundtrack to the lifecycle of a pig

The vegetarian in me thinks this is completely bizarre and sort of barbaric: producer Matthew Herbert will choose a pig (yet to be born) and record every step of its lifecycle, from birth to butchery to its eventual consumption, and release it as an album.  I’m all for experimental art, and I know the pig probably would have died anyway bla bla.  But I admit that I don’t really see the point of this work given that Herbert doesn’t appear to be doing this to raise consciousness about animal consumption or anything, you know, worthwhile.

Random oddity: Madonna in Israel

All respect to Madonna for her groundbreaking stuff in the 1980s, but I’m kind of sick of hearing about her now.  And I’m also wondering why she is meeting with top Israeli politicians…she’s on tour there and everything, and has visited some Jewish sites (presumably as part of her dubious “kabbalah study” interest) but I don’t see what she and Tzipi Livni could really have to talk about that’s of import.

Hoda Kotb’s got the whole club lookin’ at her

Every so often I wish I a) owned a TV, b) felt like spending money on a converter box/cable, and c) had the time and attention span to watch daytime television.  Then I would be able to catch things like this brilliant clip of Today Show host Hoda Kotb doing her best impression of Flo Rida:

(click through to see the clip on Jezebel)

…and the original:

When will it end?!

For those in the Philly area…you almost had a chance to check out Lady Gaga’s purportedly intercategorical muffin up close.  It’s apparently a gift that keeps on giving.

What’s under Lady Gaga’s leotard?

The internets have been buzzing with news that Lady Gaga is possibly a hermaphrodite (or is “intersex” more appropriate? please enlighten me if you know), as video footage from one of her concerts shows her getting off a moped-like thing and pulling a Britney Spears in the audience’s direction.  If you look real hard at ~1:10 and squint your eyes, it kind of looks like there might be more going on down there than we had previously thought.

So of course lots of people are talking about how crazy/gross/maybe kinda hot this is, and whether she really has the parts she’s now purported to have or whether this is just a stunt.  I frankly don’t really care; she is who she is.  What I do hope is that this provokes meaningful conversation about the interplay between (biological) sex and gender, and the complex ways in which we choose to go about presenting our sexual identity to the rest of the world.

Because Lady Gaga is, without a doubt, the current mainstream artist most able to provoke those kinds of conversations.  She’s aware that she is as much performance artist as singer and she fully intends to provoke discussion about sex, sexuality and gender.  Let’s roll with it then, and talk about body parts, etc. regardless of the kind(s) that Gaga was born with.

Also, if this is true, it leads to endless possibilities for jokes about how her muffin is bluffin’.  Just saying.

On another note: here’s an interesting take on her unconventional fashion choices–that she’s doing it to emulate avant-garde architecture and design.

Convoluted and spiritual coincidences

…in the words of the inimitable Arlo Guthrie.  Certainly a unique reason for calling an ex out of the blue.

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