Kanye’s Runaway

My thoughts on this are rather unformed as of yet, but I found the light, colors and textures really striking.

PS: Imagine this storyboarded with Kanye’s tweets as captions.

From one Jewish hip-hop artist to another…

SoCalled’s 2007 song “You Are Never Alone” and Drake’s recent Sprite commercial, presented without comment except to thank Matt for the heads-up.

A palate cleanser: Cee Lo’s latest

This video is just unequivocally so awesome on all kinds of levels: Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You.”  It makes me feel much better after watching Ke$ha.

Opportunity for a musical brunch tour?

Next time I’m in New York I’ll have to catch another musical brunch (perhaps klezmer!) and compare.

South African vuvuzelas at the World Cup

Interesting article from the NYT about fans’ use of trumpets, called vuvuzelas, at the World Cup and the controversy this is causing.  Also: an audio clip!

Quick hit: Lil’ Wayne’s “Office Musik”

Here’s a mashup by DJ Clockwork of the theme music from The Office and Lil’ Wayne’s 2005 single “Hustler Musik” (h/t my partner Matt Meltzer):

Check out the originals:

I think it works, musically, probably because of the twinkly, relatively high-pitched beat of the original.  I find the mashup conceptually interesting for its juxtaposition of a sort of aggressively-”white” (both in terms of its racial composition and in terms of its culture) workplace on TV with this notion of hustlin drawn from hip-hop.  Are the workers in The Office hustlin?

Quick hit: Acoustic ecology slideshow

Check out this slideshow of natural sounds over at Seed Magazine (and it’s named after this blog, obviously…).  H/t Wayne Marshall via the SEM Sound Studies listserv.  Pretty cool!

Quick hit: Lady Gaga’s new video, frame by frame

Dodai over at Jezebel breaks down Lady Gaga’s new video, for the song “Bad Romance,” and it’s pretty amusing.  This is why I like Lady Gaga as an entity: you can actually analyze stuff like this, and she probably meant to embed lots of those meanings.  Check it out.

My only worry is that 25 years from now, my kids will look back on it the way my friends and I look back on this classically wacky video:

Bonnie Tyler’s not quite as high-concept as La Gaga, unfortunately.

Beatles documentary and music history contest

I generally don’t believe in endorsements or quasi-endorsements or ads on here, but this is for public TV, and y’all can win stuff.

A reader sent me a heads-up on the NYC public TV station THIRTEEN’s new documentary, How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin. In conjunction with its release, they’re having a contest–vote for the musicians that you think have had the most profound impact on history, and if your entry is selected, you’ll win various prizes including a 17-CD Beatles box set.  Check it out here.

Quick hit: Jay-Z teaches Oprah how to rap

Click through to see this amusing interaction on Jezebel.

I find Oprah’s awkwardness extremely interesting–here is a woman who has the self-confidence to appear on national TV almost daily and is the face of a multibillion-dollar media empire; who speaks publicly about weight and health issues; and in general seems pretty okay with herself.  But here she is, quietly freaking out about rapping.

It’s fairly well-established within hip hop studies that many baby boomer middle-class or wealthy African Americans tend to have negative opinions of hip hop, viewing it as trashy and aesthetically unappealing in comparison to R&B, jazz, Motown, etc.

So, I can’t help but wonder if Oprah, who is probably America’s most famous member of that demographic group, was so uncomfortable because of some age/class baggage vis-à-vis hip hop going on.

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