Changes to the site

Aight, so:

  • new layout
  • new color scheme
  • new domain (
  • more frequent posts
  • posts not always and/or necessarily about music (departures will, however, be infrequent)
  • more posts about my own work

Add it to your Google Reader or RSS or whatever makes you happy.

Upcoming changes around here

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed the new design and color scheme the blog is reppin.  I’ve decided that I’m going to merge my personal site and blog–coming soon, one-stop shopping for blogging (such as it is), research info, yada yada.  The focus is going to be a little different and I’m planning on updating more frequently.  Look for a domain change in the near future as well.

Drumroll, please, for the blogroll

Introducing: the blogroll, just in time for your long-weekend perusal.

I’ve rounded up a number of music blogs that are well worth your time in checking out.  They run the gamut from musicology to ethnomusicology to music news and criticism.  (And one transit blog whose author I have a bit of a crush on…but it’s good regardless of the fact that my partner writes it, so take a look!)

Hit me up if there’s a site I’ve overlooked that you think is worthy of inclusion.  The blogroll will of course be updated as I roam the musicblogosphere.

And we’re back.

Once again I apologize for leaving you all without sociomusical commentary for the past week-plus.  In the meantime I have been teaching at a music summer camp and otherwise running around trying to get lots of things done.  Anyway, I’m back in my hometown, hanging out with family and friends and generally chilling–which includes blogging.  Expect a regular posting schedule from now on (until I get busy again, that is).

Blatantly fishing for hits

I’ve noticed that this site’s been getting some traffic from (hooray for WordPress’s blog stats).  Alpha Inventions is this software that links to a bunch of blogs and the best I can describe it is that it’s like the shuffle function on your iPod, but for blogs.  And if a blogger writes a post that includes the url, the blog automatically gets added to this giant iTunes library of cyberspace, and then the blog gets more hits.

So that’s what I’m doing.  Because I want more hits.


When this blog was brand-new, I turned off the commenting feature (even though it frustratingly kept saying “Leave a comment” at the bottom of each post because I am inept at CSS) because all kinds of experts tell you to do that so no one can tell how lame your blog is because it has very little traffic and even fewer comments showing up…

Now that eartotheground has a small but steadily growing audience, some of whom have been telling me they want to comment, I have decided as the resident blogtator that it is time to allow comments.  The “Leave a comment” link should work from now on.

Some ground rules, as per usual (consider this my comments policy):

  • Please limit comments to things that contribute to the discussion
  • Don’t gratuitously link to your own blog (relevant links are, however, welcomed)
  • No personal attacks or derogatory remarks based on things like race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, and anything similar that I might have left off the list for the time being.  However, please feel free to disagree respectfully with anything I write on its analytical/intellectual/etc merits, or to comment on an artist or musical phenomenon on its social/musical merits.  For example, you can hate on the phenomenon that is “Hip Hop Shabbat” because it is bad music that is being marketed using overt sexism, or you can argue that it is actually the best thing that ever happened to the Friday night liturgy, but you cannot hate on it because the artists are Jewish.
  • Please don’t comment anonymously unless you have a good reason for it–that really bugs me

I will moderate you right off the blog for any violations! and if you say something particularly interesting or that generates a lot of discussion, I will highlight that in a subsequent post.  That’s the best carrot and stick I can come up with, folks.

As always, feel free to email me at listeningtosociety [at] gmail [dot] com, or you can use my personal email address if you know me–shoot me comments, questions, ideas for posts, or let me know if you’d like to write a guest post.

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