Hoda Kotb’s got the whole club lookin’ at her

Every so often I wish I a) owned a TV, b) felt like spending money on a converter box/cable, and c) had the time and attention span to watch daytime television.  Then I would be able to catch things like this brilliant clip of Today Show host Hoda Kotb doing her best impression of Flo Rida:

(click through to see the clip on Jezebel)

…and the original:

Quick hit: Jewish/Latin@ fusion music

It’s everywhere!

“It’s something that I’m fond of calling post-ethnic pyrotechnics,” [Hoodio member Abraham] Velez says. “It’s just a willful, over-the-top way of overstating the mashup of cultures that we observe, that we have in our own lives … that we see all around us.”

  • Tablet checks out “Juban” music.  This is what I call eclecticism:

And there you have it: a New York-based Cuban-American who was raised Catholic and developed a taste for Jewish music and culture while living in Florida, and a former rock bassist whose grandfather emigrated to Canada from Poland, are united by their shared interest in an obscure Jewish cocktail pianist.

  • And now Spinner‘s taking it on vis-à-vis an upcoming (August 23) Lincoln Center concert:

“It’s more like ‘rarefied,’ ” [musician Arturo O'Farrill] says. “More like the rarefied kind of experiments that could only happen in those circumstances. There’s a novel effect to it, but that can also mean ‘rare.’ These are the things I thrill in — Tibetan singers doing hip-hop, things like that. To me that’s the wonderment of that you’re allowed to take generous heapings of others’ wonderment and mix it into yours. It’s really amazing.”

Take a listen–there are some audio links in each article.

Quick hit: Vibe magazine is back…

with an 808 and it’s bossy.

Anyway, I digress.  Vibe, one of the premier (if not the premier) hip-hop magazines, officially folded about 6 weeks ago under a whole bunch of debt.  It’s being resurrected first as an online-only publication, and its new management hopes to subsequently put it back in print (albeit with a bit of a new spin on the business end).

I always feel that the more written about music (well, the more well-informed, insightful pieces written about music) the better–music is so important, and so useful for understanding other aspects of life and society, that it’s good to have lots of minds thinking and talking about it.

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